Q: I want to learn to be a professional dog groomer, is your dog grooming course suitable?

A :  That is exactly what we do. At our dog grooming school in Manchester we run a number of canine grooming training courses. Our Professional Dog Grooming Diploma course (Dog Grooming Stylist) is structured to provide the practical hands-on training for those wishing to enter the field of dog grooming as a professional dog groomer. All learners are given the opportunity to underpin this practical skill with in depth assignment and a portfolio of their own evidence/work. This way if they wish to professionally develop onto the prestigious nationally recognised level 3 OCN dog grooming qualification, there has been no time wasted.

The City & Guilds courses are also a nationally recognised option for learners to consider.  It is possible to undertake City & Guilds level 2, however, this course alone doesnt teach the learner to groom, which is why we combine the level 2 course with our own professional course. These are just some of the course structures available. Calling and chatting with one of the course co-coordinators is the best answer when searching for the correct fit.

Q: When I start up for myself, how many dogs will I be able to groom each day?

A : Upon completion of their dog grooming course, our learners vary so vastly with their own individual levels of confidence and skill depending on the dog fashions in their commercial area. We all have our favorite styles and techniques that we enjoy more and groom easier.

We recommend that our students do not rush their clients and focus more on the quality of their groom. This way they can charge accordingly for their services and their client will happily return to them when they next require the service.

Giving yourself time to improve and gain speed/momentum with experience, the number of dogs groomed each day should increase. Our learners are completing up to 3 dogs daily before they leave us.

Q: Will I be able to competently groom dogs when I’ve finished my dog grooming course?

A : All our students who undertake a dog grooming course with usare taken from blank canvas to competant in breed standard styles daily. By the time they fly the nest and decide to venture out into the dog grooming industry alone they are more often than not beginning to sample more creative styling techniques. In short, learners should have a very good skill set when they finish their dog grooming course with us.

Q: Will I be able to grow my own dog grooming business?

A : During your time at Riverside on your Dog grooming course here with us, you will be engaged in conversations and tasks directing you, on how best to grow your own business from grass roots. This is not something that is included in the course structure as the courses are structured to give you the very best skill set. Once you have enrolled with us and become a member of our family we are happy to help you in any way possible.

Most of our learners begin to build up their client base whilst still on their dog grooming course and with our support.

you would only need to take a look at our facebook page to see this happening.

Q: Do you offer Dog Grooming Taster Days?

A :  YES!

We think taster days are a good way for potential learners to get a feel for our learning environment and are confident that participating in one will definitely aid in decision making. 

Visits to see us and how we work are most welcome and encouraged (by appointment)

Please contact us for further details.

Q: I think I can groom more dogs in a day than you suggest, should I do it?

A :  You will be much better to concentrate on turning out 3 to 4 well-groomed dogs per day than to create 6 ‘rush jobs’. 

You should aim for a quality result, which will enhance your reputation and ensure repeat bookings, or you can expect your business to suffer as a result of poor workmanship. 

Remember that each dog that leaves your salon is a walking advertisement for your dog grooming business.  

Your speed is something that will grow in time. Be patient.

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Q: If I need more staff to help with grooming, do you have a dog grooming course to suit?

A : Many of our learners quite often go off and build their business very fast, Leaving them with a need to employ someone to assist them. Most dog grooming professionals prefer home grown assistants instead of bringing on board an established dog groomer. Our  dog grooming school is always here to help with the training. We have trained many apprentice dog groomers for past students who are now working successfully in the dog grooming industry.

You will have enough experience to start them off in a manner that suits your business and to familiarise them with using the grooming equipment - then you may want to consider enrolling them onto one of our courses once you are certain they are a good fit for you.  

It worked for you it will work for them! 

Q: What happens if I take longer than usual to learn some of the things?

A : Our qualified teaching staff will monitor individual progress both visually and by  appraisal

Until you and they are confident that you can work to the level required.  We don’t allow anyone to slip through the net. All learners attending a dog grooming course are treated as individuals and their individual needs are considered at all junctions.

As a dedicated teaching establishment our facilities are constantly available, so we dont close the door until we are all happy suitable goals have been met. 

Q: Are the dogs which I will groom your customer’s dogs that you charge a grooming fee for?

A :  All of the dogs that you will groom during your course are grooming models that are brought to our dog grooming school to be groomed by students under our supervision and guidance (similar to the schemes which operate at most hairderessing colleges)

Most of the dogs are from our regular grooming clients, others are from breeders who would normally groom their own animals. Their owners are charged a minimal fee to cover materials used in exchange for making them available to our students. They do have our guarantee that their animal will be treated properly and it’s cut on return home will be of a good standard.  

Q: Do I see the dogs that I have worked on when they are finished?

A : Absolutely - because in the vast majority of dogs you will be the person who is finishing it!  

We believe that our students should complete the dogs and treat them as their own clients this way they are conditioning their mindset to working professionally from the beginning.

Q: Am I too young/too old for your dog groomingcourse?

A :  We have trained many people to a competent level on our professional dog grooming diploma course and on our accredited qualifications too. Ranging from young people who have recently left school and wish to embark on a career in dog grooming, to mature students who may already be lavished in retirement There are no rules if you love the animals it is a wonderful way of life from any age. Our own family children have worked alongside the family since school age dog grooming.Whatever age and whatever the reasons for wanting to complete the dog grooming courses,  we are happy to take you through it at your own pace.

There are no applicable age limits, and no restrictions by previous abilities or otherwise. 

Q: Is dog grooming just for girls?

A :  No - it most certainly is not!  We train many men who go on to run successful dog grooming businesses. In fact, on some occasions we have more men on our courses than women. 

We have trained men who have recently left school or college and wish to go into a grooming career, men who have chosen a change of career mid-life and men who have decided to establish their own grooming business at retirement. 

We have trained an ex Regimental Sergeant Major following the completion of his military service, who now runs a very successful grooming business in Scotland.  

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Q: How many dogs will I actually be grooming during the course?

A :  Throughout the dog grooming training course we aim to give you hands-on experience on one or two dogs each day (sometimes this will be a part of the dog's grooming and other times this will be grooming the dog from start to finish). 

Depending on breed, complexity of the cut and your stage on the training course, this will mean that some days you may only groom one dog, other days you will have experience with more than 2 dogs. 

You will have experience with at least 20 grooming incidences throughout our Dog Stylist Diploma course and will leave us with the practical knowledge of styling more than seven breeds and the ability to approach and correctly style any breed of dog.  

Q: Will I be offered advice on setting up a dog grooming business?

A : This isn't part of any dog grooming course content, however, the benefit of our many years of experience and suitable connections within the industry allow us to mentor the individual starting out.

 We will advise all of our students on setting up and running a dog grooming business if they ask us to.

We have experienced and qualified staff who can give advice relating to location, premises, equipment, funding, advertising, competition, staff, cash-flow, overheads and other items that will become a necessary part of running your business. 

This advice is given specific to your own business aspirations, however we do recommend consulting your accountant and/or bank with specific regards to finance and running your business. 

Q:Can I talk to some of your learners?

Yes-  We have a facebook page which is open for public forum all our learners success stories are posted on their they have their own shops and pages displayed up their. Meaning that potential learners can speak with them any time.

Each learner posts their daily achievements on this page also so it gives a sense of what we are about and they happy environment we have here.