About Us

Delivering nationally accredited qualifications since June 2000

Our Teachers have been teaching nationally accredited qualifications since June 2000. Our portfolio of delivered qualifications is now much larger than it was of course, spanning awards from ABC awards, https://www.abcawards.co.uk/qualifications/qualifications-by-sector  

City & Guilds, OCN and other awarding organisations, to include dog grooming, dog walking, pet sitting, pet first aid and others. We are currently busy adding more vocational qualifications to our portfolio which span outside the animal care industry too, ask us you never know what we can offer you. After all this is how our founder started the ball rolling offering nationally accredited qualifications. Someone simply asked her when they were collecting their dog from her boarding kennels almost 20 years ago, "do you know of any dog grooming classes near me". Hence the birth of the school that has evolved to become Riverside School. You will be happy to know the lady who enquired is still a very dear friend to the family and has a very successful pet spa in Australia where she also passes on her vocational knowledge to those who wish to learn the skills. 

Our focus is to help all students work towards the very highest industry standards, this includes nationally accredited qualifications, if that is what they want to achieve.

International dog grooming, puppy grooming and animal care schools

We provide puppy grooming &  dog grooming courses and animal care training to students from across the North west, the whole of the UK and across continents, just ask where ever you are, "are there any dog grooming, pet sitting, pet first aid or dog sitting classes near me" 

We have our specialist areas but we also have many other professionals from other vocational industries who also teach,  so please feel free to ask us.

We are happy to help.

You may ask what's new?

Well ... we now have the homegrown dog first aid course we will price match and with ours you do not need to renew every 2 or 3 years. If there is anything new to add you can give us a call and if we are running an addition module then you will just drop onto that and pay for the additional module only.  What was that? yes it is a great way of providing CPD which is all you really need after qualification, Continued Professional Development. These first aid courses run throughout the year so please dont hesitate to call us or drop an email and we will contact our tutor to check dates and availabilty with her.

Fully Qualified Groomers and Fully Qualified Teachers

All of the teaching staff at the dog grooming school and animal care college have the highest qualifications in whichever qualification they are overseeing delivery of, with many years experience in teaching whether it is  puppy grooming, dog grooming training pet first aid or other animal care and agricultural areas alonhgside teaching qualifications each tutor is qualified in the chosen area and to teach with the skills that will meet your needs as a learner.