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We have been teaching animal care qualifications since June 2000, We have a selection of various types of  dog grooming courses at the School site in Sale, the reason for the variation is to suit all learning types. We are not all bookworms and for this reason there are many different types of delivery available some people will prefer to take the City and Guilds suite of dog grooming courses others might prefer one of the many other options available.

It is important that the individual know that there are choices available and no one route is true religion.

We have trained hundreds of students to these levels of qualification in this rewarding skill. The vast majority of our previous learners, whichever route they decide upon are now running very successful dog grooming salons and achieving excellent reputations in their local areas. Take a look at our many review on our testimonial page or have a peep at our facebook page. Here you will connect with learners past and present.

Our enrolled students leave us and enter the marketplace with our reputation, as dog grooming or animal care professionals and some even as trainers, so we have every incentive to make sure that our students of the very highest calibre of professional they can become, with this in mind all our learners are encouraged to take their own individual learning path with their own independent learning plan set out.

This means that no two learners will ever take the same learning experience away from Riverside Dog Grooming School.

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Booking is easy, you will need to select your start date and contact our office request the date, a small deposits is r required to confirm the booking of your dog grooming course then we will send you all documentation and payment terms (we can offer advice on funding options available for our dog grooming courses).

City & Guilds and OCN Courses

Fully Qualified Groomers and Fully Qualified Teachers

All of the teaching staff at the dog grooming school have the highest dog grooming qualifications, with many years experience (combined, over 80 years grooming and training) and each tutor is a qualified teacher with the skills that will meet your needs as a learner. 

We believe that our courses offer the best value for money that it is possible to give. Our students are trained to trim and style dogs and not, as we see far too often today, to simply shear off the coat and leave every breed of dog looking the same as the next!  

City & Guilds Certificates & Diplomas

Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants (7763-02)

Aimed at the  newcomer to the dog grooming industry with little or no knowledge or  working experience in dog grooming, who wants to learn the basic skills  needed in a dog grooming salon. 

This City & Guilds course involves  compiling a portfolio of work (assessments and assignments)

You complete 6 core units:

  • Basic trim of a dog
  • Bathing and cleaning dogs
  • Cleaning and maintaining equipment used for grooming or removing hair from animals
  • Controlling and restraining animals
  • Drying dogs and preparing their coat for styling
  • Preparing and grooming dogs prior to bathing

You also choose optional units to give you at least 5 additional credits, from:(Each optional unit has a credit value between 2 and 5 credits.)

  • Carrying out reception duties
  • Handling payments from clients
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and bio security of the animal care working environment
  • Moving animals between locations
  • Welcoming, receiving and caring for visitors to sites

About The Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants

Students wishing to follow a career in the dog grooming industry will find that our Dog Stylist Diploma Course will provide the practical aspects of the initial C&G level 2  qualification, along with a wider knowledge of practical grooming and styling application across a wide range of groomed breeds of dogs.
By training on both the Diploma course and the C&G Level 2 Certificate  7763-02 our students have one of the soundest bases that is available  for commencing a dog grooming career.

© The City and Guilds of London Institute 

Level 3 Dog Grooming Qualification Course Number 7863

  August 2017 will see the end of the 7763-03 intro in dog grooming and the 7763-03 Certificate in Dog Grooming.  

  These will be replaced with one course which, when completed will be the equivalent of both these qualifications. 

In order to enroll onto this new streamlined and professional course in Dog Grooming, you will need to successfully complete the 7763-02 (level 2) Dog Grooming qualification and be over the age of 16. 

Once you have done this enrolment onto this course is a must for those of us who aim to become the very best there is in the dog grooming industry. 

  The new qualification delivery will incorporate the following skill enhancements and will be delivered over a minimum of 300 guided learning hours or 40 days.  

There is a total qualification time expectancy of a further 126 hours consisting of hours spent in preparation, study and assessment practices also. 

About The City & Guilds Dog Grooming level 3 Qualification

Further information will appear here soon

Unit 301 Health and safety, legislation and Codes of Practice for the Dog Grooming Industry

  The purpose of this unit is for learners to demonstrate their knowledge of animal welfare and associated legislations to enhance the welfare of the dog under their care. 

The learner will also gain knowledge of health and safety legislations to protect themselves as dog groomers, their fellow workers and clients. 

The learner will carry out skills to demonstrate the correct use of PPE, waste disposal, cleaning, housing dogs at the grooming environment, along with the preparation of regularly updated risk assessments. 

This unit is fundamental to the running of a grooming environment, to ensure the safe working practice of groomers and the dogs in their care. 

It allows learners to develop knowledge and practical based experience to minimise risk levels on a day to day basis.

The course covers:

Animal based legislation and regulations:

  •  Animal Welfare Act 2006 (incorporating the Five Animal Welfare Needs) 
  • Dogs Act 1871 
  • Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs 
  • Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (amended 2014) 
  • Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 
  • Animal boarding Establishment Act 
  • Clean Neighbourhood and Environmental Act 2005 
  • Micro-chipping of Dogs Regulation (England) 2015 
  • Groomer health and safety legislation and regulations 
  • Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974
  • PPE Regulations 2002 
  • COSHH 
  • Environment Protections Act 1992
  • Control Waste Regulation 1992
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005 
  • Provisional Use of Work Regulations 1992  
  • Electricity at Work Regulations 1982
  • Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992  
  • Employment Act 2010 
  • Manual Handling Operations 1972  

Unit 302 Styling and finishing a dog

What is this unit about? 

The purpose of this unit is to provide the learner with the knowledge, understanding and skills  required to carry out styling and finishing techniques using various trimming methods ensuring the  methods are suitable for both the dog and the client. 

The learner will also gain knowledge of various hand and electrical equipment and tools and demonstrate their safe use, maintenance and storage.  

This unit continues to embed high levels of animal welfare and safe working practices to ensure a safe environment for the dog, groomer and the customer.  

© The City and Guilds of London Institute 

Unit 303 Health checking and handling a dog in a dog grooming environment

What is this unit about? 

The purpose of this unit is to allow the learner to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills required to care for a dog within the grooming salon.  

The learner will gain basic canine anatomy and  physiology knowledge and be able to discuss methods to minimise risks and improve levels of animal welfare based on the individual requirements of the dog.  

The learner will be able to recognise normal and abnormal behaviours demonstrated in a range of breeds/temperaments/ages and be able to adjust grooming regime accordingly.  

The importance of ongoing health checking is emphasised  throughout this unit allowing the groomer to modify techniques and grooming methods.  

This unit continues to embed animal welfare and high standards of health and safety, through behavioural observations, suitable handling and restraining techniques and using the appropriate personal  protective equipment (PPE).  

© The City and Guilds of London Institute 

Unit 304 Customer service and record keeping in a dog grooming environment

What is this unit about? 

The purpose of this unit is to allow the learner to develop their experience with dealing with clients and understanding the importance of excellent customer service skills. 

This unit focuses on the administration aspect of the dog grooming salon and provides the learner with practical experience with managing the paperwork and dealing with financial matters. 

Please contact us for more information.

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