Asian Influenced Courses

Asian Influenced Dog Grooming Courses

This course is ideal for those who are already working within the dog grooming industry and looking for professional development moving down a more creative path.   

Asian Fusion is the latest style that is taking the dog-grooming world by storm. 

With almost toy-like characteristics and Japanese animation inspiration, this trend looks here to stay!  

We have our very own fusion specialist that will attend in the second half of the year and we will be running a workshop, keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground for dates. 

Just a little sample of her work!

What is Asian Fusion and Asian influence?

  It is the creation of a groom designed specifically to look toy-like or Kawaii (Japanese for ‘cute’) by blending or fusing styles of Korean, Japanese and Malaysian grooming with the European styles to create a more modern, cute but still practical style to suit the UK market.  

See our gallery for some of the photos from our recent Fusion Seminar and Workshop 

The whole event was amazing and our students loved it.


  This alternative style has become so popular in this country of late due to the social networking sites like Pintrest and Instagram. We find owners bringing their pets into salons along with photographs from these sites and asking us to re-create this or a similar look for their pet.  

Course Content

An invitation

We invite you to join one of our Asian influenced weekends. These may include:

A demonstration day and a practical day (dependant on if you wish to join one or both days). 

A demonstration day could consist of activities such as  “ Taking the confusion out of fusion” Explaining or demonstrating the styling of, donut muzzles, flared legs, round heads, curled ears or top knots to name but a few. 

A practical day would involve a learner bringing a dog of their choice to work on, with a minimum of 9 weeks growth, to transform them in to an Asian influenced delight, with the help and advice of our teacher, who also happens to be one of the highest qualified teachers of dog grooming in her country and specialises in the new creative styling techniques, we in the UK call "Asian Fusion". 

Types of breeds to bring with you for your practical day could be, Toy or Miniature Poodle, Poodle crossbreed with a wool type coat, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkies.   

Potential candidates must have professional dog-grooming experience to participate in these course types. We can also tailor the courses to individual requirement.  

Enquiries are encouraged. Please contact us for further details.