Dog Groomer Training Courses

Dog grooming Courses

As a specialist dog groomer training centre or dog grooming school we run a number of individually tailored dog grooming courses throughout the year.

Contacting us to speak with us about the structure and the outcome not to mention the possibility of location of these dog grooming courses or even to discuss our online dog grooming courses, is the best way to determine if one of them may be for you.

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Nationally accredited dog grooming courses

We oversee delivery of most well known nationally accredited dog grooming courses such as City and Guilds and ABC. We can also take learners though almost any animal care qualification,  such as Pet First aid courses along with  City & Guilds and ABC awards  Level 2 and Level 3 dog walking and pet sitting for  learners from all over the UK and overseas.

Whilst C&G is a very respected and well known awarding organisation by many learners and employers, in all subject areas across the UK. ABC awards are QCF and Ofqual regulated  and are therefore an extremely credible path to tread in all vocational subject areas which includes dog grooming and other animal care qualifications. 

They quite often go further by offering degree level qualifications in some areas of study.

Potential learners are strongly advised to give us a call and chat about the options available to them, when considering a career change or development in the dog grooming industry. Giving them a chance to gain a more in-depth insight to this very forward thinking alternative to the commonly considered qualifications. 


Specialist Dog Grooming, Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Courses

Specialist dog grooming courses, including Asian Fusion, Creative, learn to groom your own dog and taster days are available to new comers, to industry professionals and dog owners.

Other courses can include City and Guilds or ABC awards dog walking courses Level 2 and 3, City and Guilds Pet Sitting Level 2 and Level 3 and of course Pet First Aid.

If it isn't mentioned here please do not hesitate to contact our dog grooming school and animal care college and speak to a member of our teaching staff,Just ask the question, whatever is on your mind," do you know of any (whatever you are interested in) classes near me",  I feel sure we can answer you.

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About Our Dog Grooming and Animal Care School

Fully qualified teaching staff overseeing all of our Animal care courses

Whatever animal care course you wish to complete, Whether it is one of our dog grooming courses or one of our pet sitting, pet first aid or dog walking courses our staff have been delivering ABC awards, City and Guilds & other nationally accredited qualifications since June 2000. All teachers are on hand to help you achieve the highest standards as you work towards your qualifications and new career.

Your success is very important to us and all our courses are tailored to your individual needs.

Our centre is a family owned establishment and we can therefore offer massive discounts on all of our top quality courses, we are happy to try to price match any of the courses we offer with any you may have found elsewhere cheaper. 

No matter which dog grooming or animal care course is for you, all your training is held either at our head office  training facilities in Manchester or at our sister site in Cumbria, the beautiful English Lake DIstrict Students travel to our dog grooming school from all over the North West and in fact the entire UK and abroad to attend our courses. However, if Manchester is too far for you call us or email us and simply ask the question " Do you know of any dog grooming, pet sitting, dog walking or pet first aid classes near me".

You never know we may be able to help you!

Whats new about us

We have a pet crematorium  here, we have had it here for a few years now. Offering individual farewell services for our beloved furbabies. This service enables our beloved pets to be back home with us, before the end of the next day, so 24hrs and they are home. Have a look at the website

 Our school name is relatively new, it was changed early last year due to a change in structure, but our centre and establishment owner isn't new and neither are the rest of our people. We have had a few changes and still some facelifts going on, along with the installation of great new and exciting things.

What like, did you say?

We are having a human spa installed on site so our pet owners can be groomed too!

Plans are being drawn up to pop a coffee shop on site so dog walkers, students and pet owners can have a biscuit and cup of tea or something while they wait for their pet to be returned to them.

So ..... It may take a while to get things finished, but we will keep you up to speed with with it all. 

How about your dog becoming a model ?

Why not call us today and tell us a little about your dog grooming or puppy grooming needs? 

Speak to a teacher or trainer who will be delighted to bring your darling dog onto our books in the appropriate slot, according to your dogs needs. 

Puppy grooming is always in demand, and it is best to get them onto the grooming table as soon as they have been fully vaccinated.  We strongly advise all pets are vaccinated as they can pick up a virus that can make him or her very poorly by simply being in their own garden. For this reason, we always ask our owners to be responsible and have them covered for any event. Particularly if they go to the park, visit dog or pet boarding kennels or they are frequenting a dog grooming salon.

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