This course is offered to those who  already have some existing dog grooming experience or quite simply those who would like to learn to groom a specific breed.

Students will  already have a working knowledge of the equipment handling and who want  to learn the more specialised grooming techniques involved in grooming  dogs for the specialist show ring and hand stripping coats for some  breeds . 

This course is also available to specific breed dog owners who wish to  learn how to groom their own dogs in this specialised manner, however  you will need to have a working knowledge of the tools and general  grooming techniques before joining this particular course. 

This  course consists of 5 days (Mon – Friday or part time options) tuition and practical  training. A course schedule will be provided to all students prior to  commencement. We have a wide variety  of major breeds on our data-base, which require professional grooming skills and students will be handling and grooming these dogs throughout  the course. 

We are able to specialise much of the content of this course  towards the grooming requirements for a particular breed of dog, if required. 

Should a student have their own dog(s) which they wish to have  first hand experience of handling whilst undertaking this type of  grooming, then we will be pleased to arrange for you to bring them  along. 

It is assumed that attendees  on this course will already have the basic skills and knowledge in  handling and correct use of the grooming and salon equipment and so the  tuition in this respect will be based on this knowledge. 

If you believe  that you DO NOT possess the basics needed to commence your course from  this point, then you need to make us aware of this at the earliest  possible time, as this could have a detrimental effect on your ability  to gain from this course. You will be  covering in more depth the practical application of grooming and canine  beauty skills across a specific range of dogs. You may receive some  tuition from breed-specific experts in the confirmation, correct trims  and breed-related conditions in selected breeds. 

You  are welcome to use our own grooming equipment on this course. However,  many students may be in possession of their own grooming equipment  (including grooming clippers) and we are happy for you to bring this  along should you wish to do so. We will advise all students on the  equipment that they will need to bring with them, if that is what you  wish to do. If you need to purchase any equipment, before or after your  course, we will be happy to provide supplier details should you need it  (some of whom we have preferential terms agreed with for our students). 

This  course is structured to give you an enhancement of your existing  grooming skills, particularly in respect of hand stripping and dog grooming. If you have a particular wish to be taught on a specific breed  please let us know at the earliest possible time and we will endeavour  to include it – you are, of course, welcome to bring along your own  dog(s) to work with. Former students from any of our dog grooming courses always have  the facility to use us as a help and advisory service throughout the  rest of their grooming career.

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