Dog Grooming Courses @ Riverside

New for 2018 Learn to Groom Your Own Dog

Of course, we have been delivering dog grooming courses, here on site in Sale Manchester. to all levels of  learner, for 17 years.

We have come to the conclusion that dog owners should be educated to look after the coat of their own dog. For this reason, we have developed several differently structured courses, for owners to learn to groom their own dogs.

From January 2018 we will be offering these courses.

Please call us to have a chat about the many dog grooming courses that we have available.

Specialist area dog grooming courses


Pet grooming in this manner can be as subtle or extreme as the owner requires, of course it is always down to the grooming professional how far they are prepared to take it. 

Our advice would be to always consider the best interest of your charge. 

Asian style or ‘salon freestyle’ are some of the names this new trend operate with and is considered creative to the extent that it gives the pet a different look than the normal breed standard trim, however it does not extend to the full rational of “creative grooming” in the sense that a dog still resembles a dog.  

How can I incorporate Asian fusion or freestyle into my every day routine?

The technique is to learn to adapt the way you style, enabling you as a stylist to accentuate certain features such as donut muzzles, flares etc. based on client taste and upkeep.  

Course includes:

  • A demonstration day and a practical day (dependant on if you wish to join one or both days). 
  • A demonstration day could consist of activities such as  “ Taking the confusion out of fusion” Explaining or demonstrating the styling of, donut muzzles, flared legs, round heads, curled ears or top knots to name but a few. 
  • A practical day would involve a learner bringing a dog of their choice to work on, with a minimum of 9 weeks growth, to transform them in to an Asian influenced delight, with the help and advice of our teacher, who also happens to be A specialist teacher at a dog grooming school in Korea. What types of breeds to bring with you for your practical day could be, Toy or Miniature Poodle, Poodle crossbreed with a wool type coat, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkies.   

Potential candidates must have dog-grooming experience to participate in these course types. We can also tailor the courses to individual requirement.  

Enquiries are encouraged. Please contact us for further details.