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Professional Dog Grooming Course

All of our courses can take you from a blank canvas to where you need to be whether  you want to work as a professional in the industry or groom your own dog. Our courses are tailored to the individual, because this is how people learn, as an individual. If you start from a blank canvas, then you will need to allow yourself time to learn a new skill, or a new trade. This is no easy feat and you must be patient with yourself.

"Our courses are designed with the unique individual in mind" 

Refreshing Our Skill

This dog grooming refresher course is designed for those who already have some experience of the dog grooming industry.

Your can formalise or refresh your skills (after a career break)

Our fully trained staff can tailor your hours and your course structure to compliment your day to day life.

"Our dog grooming classes are one of a kind".

Refresher Dog Grooming Course

Courses are tailored to your specific needs at our dog grooming school

Of course, we will begin with an initial assessment, allowing us to determine what your current skill level is. We need to establish where you are with:

- handling

- bathing

- grooming

- styling

- drying 

This refresher dog grooming skills course is designed for those who already have some experience of the dog grooming industry. It will be of interest to those who already have knowledge of the salon operation and of equipment handling, possibly had time out from the grooming industry, and who want to polish their skills. It is an ideal course for those who have need of a refresher course for their grooming skills.. This course usually consists of five days (Mon – Friday, over one week) tuition and practical training. Tailored options are available. 

The initial stages of the course will include a refresher in handling the dogs, bathing, grooming, drying, etc. Students attending this course will already have some preparation skills and so this part of the content will be minimal. Additionally, it is assumed that attendees on this course will already have the skill set and knowledge of professional dog grooming and will only need to tidy up and refresh their dog grooming skills, to return to the industry. If you believe that you DO NOT possess the skills needed to commence this course from this point of existing knowledge, then you need to consider an alternative course, as this could have a detrimental effect on your ability to gain from this particular course. 

Students will be reminded about health checking, and all other aspects they would have been practicing when involved in the industry before, there may be some new points as,  as we know any industry constantly evolves. You will be refreshed in more depth the practical application of specific breeds of dog grooming and professional grooming skills. You will receive tuition with the correct styling techniques in your selected breeds that require regular grooming.

This course is structured to give you an re-boot of your existing grooming skills focused on a specific groomed breed. We cannot guarantee inclusion of models from any specific breed, but if you have a wish to be taught on a specific breed, please let us know at the earliest possible time and we will endeavor to include it. Former students from any of our courses always have the facility to use us as a help and advisory service throughout the rest of their grooming career.   

You may use our grooming equipment on this course. However, we understand that students attending this course are likely to be in possession of their own grooming equipment (including grooming clippers) and we are happy for you to bring this along should you wish to do so. You will have to have the equipment PAT tested before use in our teaching salon, which is why we recommend use of our equipment, this avoids any delays and further costs. If you need to purchase any equipment, we will be happy to provide supplier details should you need it (some of whom we have preferential terms agreed with for our students).   

As an alternative to the above course, students with some grooming experience may wish to professionally develop their skills further and add a nationally accredited qualification such as ABC Level 3 award in Dog grooming  Click here  or maybe  a City & Guilds or OCN.

Further information

All courses are held at our premises in Manchester.

We do however have connections with our learning provider, so if Manchester is not an option for you please contact one of our teachers at our dog grooming school as chances are we have someone qualified close by you.

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